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    The Sor Kor 1 does not signify ownership of a land but only a claim of it, something in which is connected to its more popular term as it also known as Claim Certificate.

    Individuals with claim certificates on certain plots do not have the ideal security with their possessions over the lands as, apart from it being a non-ownership certificate, its boundaries are also not well defined.

    Lands with Sor Kor 1 documents do not have clear boundaries since what are utilized as such are natural structures i.e. boulders, streams and trees among others. Meaning to say, an overlapping of boundaries with surrounding plots are a possibility.

    A claim certificate may be obtained by an individual if he is occupying a piece of land for over six months. After publishing his claim at the land office and there has been an absence of contests from other parties, he may be issued with a claim certificate. In turn, the claim certificate allows him to continue his occupation of the said property.

    Nonetheless, there is no possibility that such claim would be transferred to another except if the other party is the heir of the claimant. Also, even if it is just a claim certificate, it can still be elevated to a Chanote in the future for which various qualifications need to be satisfied.