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Thailand Property Market Trends

The Thailand property market, known for its diversity, investment potential, and scenic locales, has long captivated both local and international investors. As we step into a new era, it’s crucial to delve into the current trends shaping the real estate landscape in the Land of Smiles. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview

Thailand Property Taxes

Paying your property taxes in Thailand is obliged to adhere with government regulations and correctly pay the necessary tax obligations.

Most Common Problems Encountered in Purchasing Property in Thailand

Important reminders to avoid problem in Purchasing Property in Thailand

Steps in Conducting Due Diligence in Purchasing Property

It is a positive sign when potential property investors in Thailand realize the need to conduct due diligence as the primary step in the series of steps in property acquisition.

What are the Option for a Foreigner to Own a Property in Thailand

Land ownership in Thailand is restricted to Thai nationals only though, For foreign individuals, buying condominium is a way to own outright a property in the Kingdom.

How to Own a Property in Thailand

For a non-Thailand citizen, buying condominium is the alternative option in acquiring a property in Thailand.

Foreign Exchange Form

Foreign Exchange Transaction Certificate as it is among the documentary requirements needed when purchasing properties in the Kingdom and registering these on their names.

Mortgage in Thailand for Foreigners

Access to mortgage in Thailand by a foreigner is limited to a few banks only.

Lease in Thailand

In Thailand, the maximum lease period is 30 years only and as prescribed by law, only leases that exceed 3 years is required to be registered.

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