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    Nor Sor 3 shares some distinct qualities with that of Nor Sor 3 Khor but what sets it different is that such land title cannot imply ownership as it only give its holder the right to use the land. Also, the holder of the land with a Nor Sor 3 title is only granted with a legal right to possess the land.

    The boundaries of a land with a Nor Sor 3 as the title are somewhat suspect as these are based on the boundaries of the surrounding lands and not on actual surveys by the Land Department. It does not even have parcel points. Nonetheless, it is also possible that the Nor Sor 3 title can be upgraded into a Nor Sor 3 Gor in the future and eventually to a Chanote, the most superior of all title deeds in Thailand.

    Thai Property Lawyers

    Since Nor Sor 3 is only one of the many types of land titles and claim certificates in Thailand, it would be advisable to consult with property lawyers in the Kingdom especially if the one interested is a foreign individual.

    The lawyer would not only educate the individual about Nor Sor 3 and other Thai land titles but also in explaining why owning a land in Thailand is restricted from him but at the same time, his lawyer would also inform him of his other options in securing properties and lands, for that matter, without the need to own them outright and without the need to circumvent any existing Thai laws.